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Welcome to ASCENT Recovery Residences in Joplin, MO

Our Mission at ASCENT is to provide sustained recovery management in a faith based environment that encourages a generation of young men to develop the integrity, self-discipline, work ethic and attitude to become productive members of society.

Our Vision at ASCENT is to help change lives of young men so they will have the skills and the heart to meet the needs of their children, wives, husbands, partners, community, and society. This can be done by giving them tools and the support required to develop honesty, integrity, respect – for self and others – interpersonal and vocational skills needed to create in them a work ethic and a desire to continually strive to improve their lives, and those around them.

Please call us at (417) 529-9368, or email us here.

2014 Recovery Support Provider Award ASCENT Recovery Residenc

The Recovery Support Outstanding Performer Award is being presented to ASCENT Recovery Residences in Joplin, MO. Since joining Missouri’s Access to Recovery (ATR) grant program in 2008 as a faith-based recovery support provider ASCENT has operated with the utmost integrity. Their successful consumer outcome demonstrates their commitment to helping individuals with substance use disorders achieve and maintain recovery. The percentage of consumers abstinent after six months of engagement in services with ASCENT stands at 85% compared to a 50% abstinence rate at intake. Ninety-seven percent of their consumers are socially connected at their six month followup check, and ASCENT has an incredible 275% increase in consumer employment outcomes six months following engagement services.

ASCENT has helped change the lives of many men in the Joplin area, and strives to continue this tradition through addiction and recovery efforts. The staff is educated, and honored for their work in the community. The board is caring, and supportive of the tremendous progress ASCENT has made in the area. Men come from all over to temporarily live in one of the ASCENT houses, learn how to get sober, and are then better equipped with tools to relearn how to live life sober.

It’s all through the ASCENT program!

Kate M.

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