Prescription Medicine: Hoffman

Phillip Seymour Hoffman died from having a combination of sensitivities in his neural wiring that caused his brain to override his better judgement, take away his free will and caused him to take the actions that ultimately killed him. It appears that these...

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How ASCENT Changed Jennifer’s Life

By Bridget Bauer Jennifer wasn’t afraid of dying but of living. After several attempts at suicide not working, she was ready for something to change her cycle of drug addiction. Fortunately, a counselor at Ozark Center knew about the plans of ASCENT Recovery...

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NBC News: For Recovering Addicts

For recovering addicts, it's hard to stay clean. It's even harder for single mothers living in Vermont - a state currently in the midst of a heroin and prescription drug abuse epidemic. See "Mother's of Opioid - Exposed Newborns Find Treatment at Vermont Clinic" at...

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