A Community Option for Hope and Healing

We at ASCENT believe that recovery from addiction is much more than just abstinence from drugs and alcohol. We believe that the client who successfully completes our Intensive Residential Program (IRP) and Extended Residential Program (ERP) will have developed the skills necessary to utilize the three core values to live happy and productive lives…

12 Step Participation

The 12 step programs provide the foundation of a life free from substance. The process of self-examination, confession, restitution, responsibility, and service provide the basis for living that lasts for a lifetime.

Spiritual Life Growth

Addiction results in isolation and separation from God. We believe each individual must find a way to build or rebuild a personal relationship with God, and provide structured exposure to spiritual principles and individuals who live their lives by these principles.


Our Therapeutic Community Residential Model provides each client the opportunity to experience living in a functional family unit that accepts, encourages, supports, and challenges.

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