Intensive Residential Program (IRP)

  • Therapeutic Community Residential Model
  • ASCENT Community Groups
  • IRP Community
  • Spiritual Life
  • Recovery Education
  • “Getting it Right” ® Mentoring
  • AA/NA Participation
  • Ongoing Clinical Treatment (Individual and Group)
  • Weekly Church Attendance (Client Choice)
  • Suitable Employment/Volunteer Work
  • Estimated 4-6 Months Duration

Extended Residential Program (ERP)

  • Therapeutic Community
  • Advanced ASCENT Community Groups
  • ERP Community
  • Spiritual Life
  • Recovery Education
  • Family Dynamics
  • Communication Skills
  • Employment Coaching
  • AA/NA Participation
  • Weekly Church Attendance (Client Choice)
  • Estimated 3-9 Months Duration (Total 1+ Year Duration for IRP and ERP completion)

Coordination Efforts

ASCENT Recovery Residences works closely with other agencies and law enforcements to ensure long-term success for individuals in recovery. We believe in a continuum of support that assists the individual where they are today and how that assistance will feed in to future support and success. Success depends on a community of support. With our Residential Programs, individuals in recovery can find that home base for appropriate referrals and resources.

Goals for each client
·   Achieve Higher Self-Determination
·   Accept Responsibility for Actions
·   Develop Personal Resources to Increase Long Term Success
·   Obtain and Remain in Stable Permanent Housing
·   Enhance Family Involvement and Parenting Skills
·   Become Positive and Productive Members of the Community

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